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Cinema Spotlight #12: Begotten (1990)


In this episode we attempt to decode E. Elias Merhige’s experimental creation myth rendered on film in a work that’s uncompromising and absolutely frightening. Show Links: Elias Merhige Interview, Elias Merhige presentation where he discussing filmmaking and remote viewing.    

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Sci-Fi Showcase #10: Wavelength (1983)


In this episode we’re joined by filmmaker Mike Gray for a discussion of his 1983 science fiction sleeper Wavelength, starring Robert Carradine, Cherrie Currie and Keenan Wynn. We also discuss Mr. Gray’s documentary filmmaking backround, his Academy Award-nominated screenplay for The China Syndrome, his television...

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Esoterica #6: The Incredibly Strange Film Show


In this episode we take a nostalgic look back at Jonathan Ross’ 1988-89 British television series which featured indie cult directors such as H.G. Lewis, Ray Dennis Steckler, Doris Wishman, Stuart Gordon, Tsui Hark, Fred Olen Ray, Russ Meyer and many more. Show Links: The...

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