DIY Commentary #5: Blade Runner (1982)


This is an older show I recorded late into the night many years ago dealing with some of my obsessive ideas surrounding this great Ridley Scott film. I used the original Warner Bros. 1-Disc “Director’s Cut” DVD to record this commentary. Directions for sync: start at...

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DIY Commentary #4: Night of the Living Dead (1968)


This time around I discuss NOTLD along with the George Romero zombie universe and its impact on modern independent film. I used the Elite Entertainment Millenium Edition DVD for recording this commentary. Directions for sync: start at the main DVD menu, then at the end of...

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DIY Commentary #3: Halloween (1978)


Better late than never. This one’s a scene-specific commentary which covers the first film along with discussion of the sequels. I used the initial Anchor Bay SE 2-Disc DVD to record this commentary. Directions for sync: start at the main DVD menu, then at the end...

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DIY Commentary #1: The Boogeyman (1980)


I didn’t realize I had so much to rant and rave about Ulli Lommel until I decided to do a commentary for his big film “Boogie Man”. Half of the commentary is taken by all my different pronunciations of his first and last names. I...

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Esoterica #9: Pryor’s Place


A rush of childhood memories and other material, including: the death of Whitney Houston; The Toy; Pryor’s Place; Menudo; more on Heartbeeps; The Dirt Bike Kid; Flash Gordon; action figures; saturday morning memories; Gallagher; Siskel and Ebert; Space Raiders; Metalstorm; Space Hunter; Nickelodeon and Turkey Television; The Joy of Painting...

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Sci-Fi Showcase #7: Heartbeeps (1981)


In this episode we uncover an obscure sci-fi gem featuring Bernadette Peters and Andy Kaufman as two lost robots trying to survive in the futuristic world of 1995. Yes, it’s the majesty of Allan Arkush’s Heartbeeps. We discuss the superb Stan Winston Makeup effects and...

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Eurocult #3: Grand Slam (1967)


In this episode we cover an undeservedly obscure Italian/German/Spanish co-production starring Edward G. Robinson, Janet Leigh and a crazy-as-usual Klaus Kinski caught up in a multi-million dollar jewel heist in Rio.    

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